Splash and Dash

During October, several students from Year 5 and Year 6 competed in the CSSA Primary State Biathlon at the International Regatta Centre, Penrith. The event involved a 200 metre swim followed by a 2 kilometre run.

There were individual events for boys and girls as well as team events. Our students embraced the challenge and performed to the best of their ability to produce the following results. Congratulations to all our students.

Year 5/6 Individual Girl (36 competitors)

Keira N.                       5th       

Scarlett L.                     17th

Year 5/6 Individual Boy (57 competitors)

Xavier K.                      16th

Owen H.                      29th

Lucas Z.                       31st

Team Results:  

Xavier K. (swim) and Sebastian M. (run) competed against 61 competitors from 17 schools to convincingly win the team event for their age group. This is an outstanding result from the boys. Congratulations!