SGCS Returns to Kogarah

For the past two years, our annual Year 10 and Year 11 Visual Arts Exhibition has been unable to be staged at the Kogarah Art Space due to the global pandemic.

So, it was a welcome return to the public domain for our Visual Arts students when their Exhibition, Can You See Me? opened last Saturday.

Our Year 10 and Year 11 Visual Arts students were required to reflect on concepts of identity and create a portrait to capture their experiences.

There was no shortage of subject matter with students creating portraits of family, friends, celebrities, and television and film characters. Whilst some persons are depicted in hyperrealism, others are more cartoonistic in style. Yet despite the stylistic differences, each study captures a likeness of the person whether it be personality, mood, mannerism or a distinct characteristic.

With close to sixty works on display, the exhibition showcases a depth of mediums including collage, drawing, mosaics, mixed media, painting, printmaking and watercolour.

Framed in black frames, the collection of portraits is unified to fill the gallery with a sea of faces.

Indeed, we can see you!