SGCS Board Changes

For more than a decade, Mrs Kerry Leech and Mr Bruce Stevenson have served on the SGCS Board, though their involvement with SGCS extends beyond this time with the enrolment of their children in the early 2000s.

At the recent AGM, Mrs Leech and Mr Stevenson stepped down from their positions as SGCS Board Members.

Mrs Leech and Mr Stevenson worked tirelessly for the School overseeing campus development and school growth and providing invaluable advice and support to the SGCS Board and Executive.  They have freely given their time to represent the Board at many functions and carried out their duties with cheerfulness and diligence.

During the AGM, Mr Paddy Benn, Chairman thanked Mrs Leech and Mr Stevenson for their dedication and service to SGCS and presented them with farewell gifts as a token of the School’s appreciation.