Scientific Theory in Action

Year 12 Biology students recently participated in a DNA Electrophoresis workshop by the organisation STEM Reactor. The students investigated the inheritance of the disease Sickle Cell Anaemia. The workshop forms part of the HSC Biology Module 5, Heredity and Module 6, Genetic Technologies.

Students gained hands-on experience with electrophoresis. They were required to set up the apparatus and poured agarose gels to separate out the different sized lengths of DNA. This allowed the students to analyse the inheritance patterns in the DNA and determine whether the patient would inherit the Sickle Cell Anaemia disease.

Mrs Rosemary Ioannidis, SGCS Science Coordinator said:

This incursion works to bring science to life. It is one thing to study a scientific process, but to see theory in action and to be actively part of the investigation, is a huge benefit to our students’ learning.