Science of the Senses

Sight. Hearing. Touch. Taste. Smell. These five senses tell us about the world around us.

This week, Year 9 students looked at various parts of the body to determine where the most sensory receptors were located.

Students attached two toothpicks on one side of a ruler and a single toothpick on another. The toothpicks were applied to the skin of the blindfolded student at various points including the back of the hand, palm, fingertip, neck and upper arm. The subject had to indicate whether they felt one toothpick or two. Feeling two toothpicks indicated that there are more sense receptors in that part of the skin.

This engaging activity provided the means for students to understand whether touch receptors are distributed evenly in the skin.

Celebrating National Science Week, Saturday 15 August 2020 – Sunday 23 August 2020