Science Fair Ignites Interest

The SGCS inaugural Science Fair attracted 17 Science projects from students in Year 6 to Year 10. The students have been involved in the Middle School Science Excellence Groups and the Year 8 Targeted Learning Project. Several Year 10 Science students also participated both from SGCS and Inaburra.

The Science Fair is a competitive event where each project must employ scientific methods to test a hypothesis. The students present their findings to their peers and wider community and to a panel of judges.

Mrs Adrienne Erwin, Technologies Teacher said:

This has been a major project and represents a significant effort for each student. The Middle School students worked with a teammate to choose an area of Science they wanted to learn more about. They devised the experiments, conducted them, analysed the data and presented their learning to a panel of judges. The Year 10 students presented their work on a major class task report. I was very pleased to see the depth of research undertaken by all our students.

The research projects were wide-ranging and included topics like: the plausibility of magnets, the power of magnets, crystals and their structures, glucose levels of fruit, efficiency of batteries in different storage conditions, bacteria on households items and adhesiveness of sticky tape.

It was a fascinating afternoon, and a wonderful celebration of science.

The award winners are:


First Prize: Crystal Blue – Ezekiel Yung and Christopher Goodman (Year 8)

Second Prize: Falling – Cameron Weber and Reilly Smithers (Year 8)

Third Prize: Toxic – Hannah Harris and Tegan Snelling (Year 6)

Special Mention: Michael Halicas (Year 6)

Highly Commended: Sophie Cox and Olympia Yacoel (Year 7)


First Prize: Algae for Tea (Inaburra School)

Second Prize: Game Set Match (Inaburra School)

Third Prize: Glucose Levels of Freshly Squeezed Juice – Jema Duhne


First Prize: LAPTO – Edmond Cheng and Jake Bedford (Year 7)

Second Prize: Fizzy Kid – Lucy Cartwright (Year 6)