Raising a Flag in Solidarity

Middle School students partnered with the wider SGCS community in a day of prayer and fundraising for the pandemic crisis in India. With the death toll in India surpassing 250,000, our Middle School SRC recognised the country’s urgent need for help and rallied their peers.

Students wore mufti in colours featured on the Indian flag as an act of solidarity. 

Mrs Roxy Gray, Lead Teacher Student Support – Middle School, said:

“as a Middle School community, we are striving to keep a spirit of thankfulness and generosity alive in our midst even as ‘normal’ life resumes for us at SGCS. We are grateful for the relative safety we have experienced in this country and continue to be heartbroken for those people, families and countries that endure such horrifying loss of life and wellbeing”. 

More than $3000 was raised on the day for the UNICEF Australia India COVID-19 Crisis Appeal.

Thank you everyone for your generous support.