Playing the Game

On Thursday 18th February, the Mixed Open and the 15U Mixed Hockey teams travelled to Macarthur Hockey Stadium to compete in the CSSA Hockey Gala Day. Both teams were enthusiastic, and it was good to see all players hyping each other up for the upcoming games.

The Mixed Open team played with a gritty mindset as they faced some tough opposition. The 15U team played hard throughout the competition and never let their guard down. This resulted in the 15U team being undefeated throughout the day and winning the final.

Overall, both teams were very determined, encouraging and played well to make sure everyone was involved. One thing that both teams took away from the day was that it is the process (i.e. how you play the game) rather than the outcome (i.e. winning or losing) that matters the most.

Special mentions go to the following players:

  • Jana M. (Year 9) was the best all-rounder player and displayed great selflessness by not always taking a shot on goals by herself but ensuring that other players had a chance to score a goal.
  • Max L. (Year 10)  was determined and improved throughout the day. He kept his head up even when he made a mistake and never gave up.
  • Cooper D. (Year 10) displayed a great growth mind set and was a player who was determined to improve. Because of this open mindset, he improved tremendously and became one of the most valuable defenders to the team.

Story submitted by Mr. Condon, SGCS Head of Sports and Chris G. (Year 10)