Platform 8

It is well documented that students tend to learn most when they are actively engaged with developing their knowledge. Platform8 is part of the Middle School Learning to Learn Program where Year 8 students work on an Independent Research Task in their chosen area of interest. It is comprised of three key elements – a written folio, a keynote presentation, and a product.

Platform8 showcases an immersive depth of research into a diverse range of issues that are of interest to Year 8. It provides an opportunity for students to develop their “voice”.

This week our Year 8 Students presented their major research projects to an audience of teachers, peers and family. Presentation topics included greyhound racing, Mars, the subculture of skateboarding, depression, The Great Barrier Reef, solar flares, the impact of earthquakes, disability and the arts, karate, Lego and dementia.

This year’s wide range of topics reflected the depth of passion these young students have for their world and the people within it.

Well Done Year 8!