Our Latest Library Lovers

Do you remember your first experience of a Library?

For many it is a lovely childhood memory. The offer to choose any book you want can evoke such a joyful feeling.

This week our Kindergarten students visited the Infants Library for the first time.

Mrs Bronwyn Steinwede, Infants Librarian reports:

Our Kindergarten students love their Library. Already they feel comfortable in the light-filled space. They all chose to borrow a book to take home and are looking forward to borrowing more books each week as the year progresses. We have guided them towards the “Read Over and Over” (ROO) book.

ROO books are books from our collection chosen especially for their familiar vocabulary, repetitive phrases and words, their rhyme and bouncy rhythm. All of these features help to make books more predictable for children as they read them, and therefore help them to read them more easily.

Parents are encouraged to help their children by reading these books over-and-over during the week.