Open Your Heart

It was a beautiful-blue-skied day for our fifth annual Open Doors Day.

Open Doors Day is a student-led awareness day focused on supporting persecuted Christians throughout the world. This annual event was organized by the Beyond Ourselves student team for Years 9 -12.

In the lead up to the day the Beyond Ourselves team gave presentations at roll call and assemblies to create awareness and advocacy for Christians suffering worldwide with a focus on the Middle East. Mr Tim Reid, Open Doors Engagement Manager, spoke to our students at a special assembly, giving insight into the plight of persecuted Christians

This year’s program also included the Beyond Ourselves team in the Walk to Water initiative which saw twenty-five students led by Mr Matt Tomlin and Mr Scott Wimble trek to Carss Park and back, raising funds through sponsorship. This initiative symbolizes the walk that many do on a daily basis just to access water.

A Mufti Day, lunchtime BBQ and various stalls raised awareness of the issues relating to persecuted Christians and also raised further money to go towards Open Doors. The funds will be utilised for food and water relief, building supplies and bibles.

Thank you to the Beyond Ourselves team for all their hard work on this important event.