Online Learning for Science

In 2019, Mr Peter Wilson, SGCS Science Teacher attended a conference where he witnessed a demonstration of an online educational resource program called Edrolo. Edrolo is a focussed educational resource featuring video lessons, exam practice and the capability to arrange live classroom connections. 

Edrolo was trialled for the entire range of Senior School Sciences throughout 2019. Fast-forward to today where home-based learning has become the new normal, Mr Wilson is very pleased that SGCS had a jump-start on supporting students remotely in their learning with Edrolo.

He explains:  

“We use Edrolo in Stage 6 Science. It has become an important tool to support learning at home. On the screen, a Teacher, shown in the bottom left corner, teaches the content using PowerPoint with annotated writing. There are also links to video content and other web-based content for extension or greater understanding. Each lesson contains multiple choice questions. I receive the answers from the student for each question, so can see how the students are going and can provide further support online.

The Edrolo Teacher online also explains the answers to assist them, including why alternatives are not correct. Students can also rank themselves how well they understood the lesson which gives me an idea of how much support they need.  Each module incorporates revision questions and tests to ensure students achieve their learning intentions. Again I can see their answers and give feedback where necessary. Students can also access exemplars to add additional points to their answers. I have found it to be an incredibly useful tool, especially given the present circumstances.”

Mrs Rosemary Ioannidis, Head of Science, agrees with Mr Wilson stating:

“The acquisition of Edrolo builds on our capabilities to offer online lessons. We have been using another online service for Years 9 and 10, and will continue to do so.  Edrolo content is directly in line with the new Science syllabus and is a great support for individual learning in Years 11 and 12 as well as complementing online lessons by SGCS Teachers.”