New Home for Numbats

Year 2 visited Taronga Zoo, on Wednesday 19 February, as part of their Science and HSIE unit on Animal Homes and Environments.  The students enjoyed learning outside and spending a beautiful day at the zoo.

Mrs Chloe Dallimore, Year 2 Teacher said:

We visited many of the animals we have studied in class, in particular the Asian Elephants, Red Pandas and Fairy Penguins.  Students evaluated the animal enclosures and investigated how each enclosure was designed to meet the needs of that animal.  As part of their ongoing learning, students will now become imaginary “zookeepers” where they will design an enclosure for a newcomer to the zoo, a Numbat!

A special part of the day was getting up close to the elephants as they had their daily wash, foot scrub and teeth cleaning.  Students were able to ask the keepers lots of interesting questions and deepen their knowledge and understanding of these magnificent creatures.