Navigating Disaster

Natural Disasters is a mandatory subject for Year 5 students. Whilst our thoughts are with victims of recent floods, we have not forgotten the fires that devastated parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. The recent intense fires and flooding have impacted our students.

Junior School recently engaged a water colourist who specialises in art therapy to help students explore their feelings through art.

Sally Ann Conwell is a graduate of COFA, UNSW, a practising artist, and a designer of a popular stationery label. She also is a lover of the natural environment.

During the one-day workshop, Sally shared her knowledge and experience of the Australian bush, using her work to highlight the devastation of the bushfires and the recovery process. Students learned about how plants respond to fires differently and how some Australian plants use fire to propagate.   

The students took a short walk to Empress Reserve (only just avoiding the rain), where they spent time creating leaf rubbings and collecting plants to draw. Back in the classroom, they spent time sketching, drawing and mastering watercolour techniques. It was a wonderful day combining science and art, and one that offered our students the opportunity to share how they felt about natural disasters either through word or watercolour.