Natural Joy

One of the advantages of living in Sydney is the National Parks that border our city. It was a short bus ride for our Year 2 students to Bonnie Vale in the Royal National Park to explore the environment as part of their studies on Australian Geography.

Ranger Tim, from Ranger Jamie Tours, guided the students through the different types of environments such as ocean, coast, bush and forest environments. During the tour, the children compared the natural environment with manmade structures.    

Students also undertook fieldwork, observing the fauna and identifying whether bird and animal species were introduced or native to Australia. They also enjoyed a spot of fishing with nets catching over forty crabs, indicating a very healthy environment. Insect spotting also proved popular along with creating an environment in the sand for an animal.

The magnificent weather added to the children’s joy at being out in nature and enjoying God’s beautiful creation. It was a wonderful excursion.