Mission Accomplished

Our young students learning robotics are a passionate group. Over the past month they have overcome disruptions due to COVID-19 and wet weather, to ensure they submitted their entries to the 2022 Wonder League Final Mission Competition.

Last Saturday, 11 students from Year 4 to Year 6, spent the day fine-tuning their robots and completing their supporting documentation, under the watchful eye of Mrs Karen Binns, SGCS ICT Integrator.

During 2021, our students were successful in completing five missions for the Wonder League Competition. Their outstanding results earned them a nomination to the final invitational round, where they had to undertake a STEM Challenge with a focus on engineering. 

The STEM Challenge involved designing a lasso attachment for a Dash robot to capture stranded inventors and rescue them by crossing an imaginary portal. The students were required to code the robots, keep a logbook of the process, and navigate set coordinates, boundaries, and competition rules.  None of these requirements seemed to phase the students. The Design Lab was full of happy noise as they designed, created, and invented ways to complete their final mission.