Matters of the Heart

Surely one of the most memorable moments of schooling occurs in the Science classroom when you reach the age where you are entrusted to dissect an organ, frog, mouse or worm.  Year 11 Biology students recently had the pleasure of dissecting a sheep heart under the instruction of Mrs Rosemary Ioannidis, Science Coordinator. The class have been working on the learning module, Organisation of Living Things, where they studied the transport system in animals and researched the transport system in plants for an assessment task.

Although the human heart is larger than a sheep’s heart, dissecting an animal’s heart helps students to understand more clearly how a heart functions. They also gain a sense of the organ’s size, texture and the various components.

The activity tended to evoke two polarising responses, queasiness and relish. Although not everybody has the courage to take a sharp blade and slice up an organ, none can dispute the fact that dissections remain an extremely powerful learning experience…and a most memorable one.