Macbeth Pops up

The power of Shakespeare has resonated with each generations for more than four hundred years.

Our Year 10 English students and Year 11 Drama students experienced the timeless works of Shakespeare when they attended a performance at Macbethat the Entertainment Quarter.

However this was no ordinary performance, as it was presented in the world’s first full-scale, temporary, working replica of the second Globe theatre in London. It was Shakespeare staged in a space for which it was written.

Although the students expressed surprise at the smaller than expected size of the theatre, they loved how it allowed the actors to interact with the audience. For our Year 10 English students who are presently studying Macbeth, seeing the play performed onstage helped them to grasp the text.

This spectacular immersive performance was a truly memorable event offering our students an opportunity to experience the great Bard’s works up close and personal, under open skies.

Performances continue at the Globe Pop-Up until 16 December 2018.