Lessons from a Master

Inviting a professional artist into the classroom facilitates learning as a new or different voice can spark imagination and lead a student on a different path of experimentation.

Year 9 Visual Arts students were presented with the opportunity to work with leading Australian artist, Amanda Penrose-Hart, during a two-day workshop at our Hurstville Campus.

The artist, well-known for her expressive landscapes, is the winner of the prestigious 2017 Gallipoli Art Prize and the 2019 Clayton Utz Art Award.

Observing Amanda in action was inspirational. The way she worked a canvas with little more than gesso, paint and a palette knife to capture an emotive landscape on canvas in under fifteen minutes left a big impression on our students.

Amanda led the students in investigating a variety of processes to realise new ways of seeing and portraying the landscape. Working with the natural and built environment of our Campus, the local park and from personal images, students gained experience in rendering their observations in various mediums.

This is an ongoing project, which will equip students for future artmaking in Year 10.