Lego Learning

The world famous Lego bricks have been put to good use in our Ancient History classes to teach students about structures in the ancient world. 

As part of the new syllabus preliminary unit on Persepolis (Iran), Year 12 students researched and built some of the different parts of the ancient site, the Harem, Xerxes Palace and the Treasury. In the following units focussing on Julio-Claudian and Ancient Athens, students learnt about the building programs of each Emperor including that of the influential Greek Statesman, Pericles. Building a Lego replica of the structures helps students to focus on the details, fostering spatial reasoning and awareness of proportions and patterns. It also assists students with memory recall and provides opportunities for group learning.

Aside from all the wonderful educational benefits, our Year 12 students have relished the simple childhood pleasures of building with Lego together, to bring ideas to life.