Law and Justice Proves Riveting

Year 10 Commerce students have had an exciting week studying law, justice and policing in Australia. Below a summary of their experiences, told in their own words.  

Year 10 Commerce this year has started with a blast. Students were immediately thrust into the unfamiliar world of Law and how it shapes our society. To help us grasp a better understanding of the Legal System in Australia, the School arranged an excursion to the Downing Centre and the Justice & Police Museum in the city.

Mrs Russell, HSIE Teacher, also invited a Police Detective to visit our School the day after the excursion, to discuss the Enmore 7-Eleven Axe Attack, which provided students with an insight into the New South Wales policing and legal system.

At the Downing Centre, we had at the opportunity to observe real cases live in the court rooms. Cases ranged from minor offences such as tax evasion to more serious crimes like drug exportation. Through this experience, we learned about the key roles of the Justice System in our society including how it protects us from harm.

Afterwards we went to the Justice & Police Museum. At the Museum, we observed many confronting materials regarding our country’s past and learnt how they have shaped our society. One of my favourite activity was the Mock Trial where students role-played as court officer, prosecutor, defence lawyer, witnesses, the jury and the offender. This activity provided an opportunity to gain understanding of the way trials function.  Regan Yong

This week has been very interesting and often exciting, as we have all learnt so much about the law, justice, and policing in Australia. Toby Matthews

This week has been one of our most exciting weeks in Commerce, as Year 10 had the opportunity to go to on excursion to the Downing Centre and Justice and Police Museum. One of the many things that will stay with me is the proper way to enter a court room and how thorough a detective needs to be in order to ensure that justice is served.Kayla Wong Wan Po