Jumping In

SGCS has long recognised the benefits of skipping with a successfully established Jump Rope program for our students.

Skipping, as a means of exercising, has come to the fore during this period of isolation, as there is little restriction to where it can be practiced. It builds speed, agility and endurance which in turn benefits other forms of sports.

Prior to Easter, Junior School students received their own skipping rope as part of the Term 2 School Pack. During Term 2, Junior School Physical Education lessons with Mr Archer will focus on Jump Rope.

Our School has signed up to the Learn2Jump Rope Skipping Program, featuring World Champion Luke Boon. The program features instructions, video demonstrations, lesson plans, challenges and pre and post exercises.

Prior to returning to Campus, our students have been accessing the program remotely. This week, Mr Archer led his students through the routines in the Junior School playground. It certainly was an engaging way to teach jump rope.