Jump In

It is not just our students who are learning the fine art of Jump Rope.

Recently, 21 adults and students attended an in-house workshop on judging jump rope competitions.

Due to the merge of the World Jump Rope Federation and the FISAC-IRSF, there are several new events, some changes to competitions and overall category structure.

The workshop was held over three nights at the Hurstville Campus. Mrs Carly Simpson, representative of the newly formed International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) took the participants through the changes and new structures.

Last year, several members of our SGCS Jump Rope Program qualified to compete in the World Championships, however due to the COVID-19 crisis the competition has now been postponed until 2021. As part of our registration, SGCS is required to send four qualified judges to the World Championships.

Mrs Karen Binns, SGCS Jump Rope Coordinator said:

“It is so encouraging to see the high-level of parent participation in our Jump Rope Program. They have completed the online training component and the level 2 requirements, so we now have a pool of people that can judge state and national competitions. By completing the level 3 workshop they are eligible to judge international competitions, (they just have to stay-up-to-date with any future changes).

Having so many qualified jump rope judges in our community will be a great help to our skippers as they develop their own routines.”