Upstander: A person who speaks or acts in support of an individual or cause, particularly someone who intervenes on behalf of a person being attacked or bullied. ( & Oxford University Press)

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact our teaching/learning programs, the HSIE faculty have been putting their minds towards finding creative alternatives to excursions. Using the Zoom Platform, they have been able to ‘go beyond the classroom’ to create meaningful learning experiences for our Stage 5 and 6 students.

On Tuesday 25 August, Year 10 History students had the unique opportunity to listen to the personal story of a Holocaust survivor, Mrs Miriam Wise. The students were captivated by her personal story and gained valuable insight into how her family were able to escape France, survive the trauma of the Holocaust, and go on to lead an incredible life in Australia.

Mrs Annie Friedlander, from Courage to Care presented a lecture on the historical context of the Holocaust and the stories of two upstanders who saved children, like Miriam during the Holocaust. This program was of great benefit to our Year 10 students, as it enabled them to consolidate their understanding of course content.