Insight Deepens Understanding

On 30 May, our School was privileged to welcome to our Hurstville Campus, Mr Ephraim Kaye, Director of International Seminars at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

The visit was arrange by Mr Scott Wimble, HSIE Coordinator, who was a recipient of the Gandel Scholarship. Mr Wimble undertook an educational tour to Yad Vashem (in Jerusalem) during the 2018 summer holidays. Yad Vashem is a reasonably new centre that has been set up as a centre for international studies for teachers to learn about the Holocaust and how to teach the Holocaust to students.

During his time at our School, Mr Kaye addressed our Elective History classes and Year 12 Modern History students on the importance of studying the Holocaust. In a passionate address, he shared his knowledge of the Holocaust, along with moving testimonies from survivors.

It was truly an honour to have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of this dark period in human history through Mr Ephraim Kaye’s visit. Our deepest thanks.