Hockey Headliners

Achieving a podium finish in your first National Championship is a pretty, impressive feat.

Recently two of our Year 7 students, Jana M. and Christopher G. represented New South Wales in the National Hockey Championships in Hobart. Both students played in Under 13 Outdoor Carnival, Christopher with the NSW Stars Boys’ team and Jana with the NSW Lions Girls’ Team. 

After twelve matches, Jana’s team earned a bronze medal. Christopher’s team played eleven matches to earn a silver finish. He also achieved another personal best by scoring a goal during the tournament.

SGCS Infants and Junior School students have been competing in the local summer hockey competition for 19 years. Both Jana and Christopher learnt to play hockey at SGCS. It is inspiring that from humble beginnings, great things can happen.

On behalf of Jana and Christopher, Mrs Markopolous expressed her appreciation for the hockey program, acknowledging Mrs Powys (former Head of Infants) and Mr Archer (SGCS Head of Sports K-6) for their role in introducing students to the game. She also acknowledged the significant coaching contributions of Mr Wark, who comes with his own impressive credentials as a three times Olympian and the many parent helpers who have supported the program. 

Congratulations Jana and Christopher on your outstanding achievements.