Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder Exhibition brought together a selection of new works by our Visual Arts students in Years 7 to 11.

Visual Arts Teachers, Mrs Louisa Cunningham and Mrs Rachel Villareal, with the assistance of Technologies Teacher, Mr Neil Deuis, employed their creative talents to stage an amazing exhibition which produced much excitement amongst the SGCS community.

Over the course of the year, Visual Arts students have undertaken studies in a range of media including video, painting, drawing, sculpture, multimedia, printmaking and zine production. Each artwork represented an individual response, a unique viewpoint of the world within and the one we share. The Exhibition invited visitors to engage, to reflect and see the world through the eyes of our youth.

Collectively this substantial amount of work demonstrates just how productive our students are through the creative learning they are involved in at SGCS. Environmental-themed totem poles, landscape paintings and sketches, sculptural works for natural materials, mixed media self-portraits as an artist, and ceramic busts were just some of the wonderful works on display.

Our teachers drew on their own creative practices creating collaborative artworks with their students. The slow rotating tree, inspired by the works of artist, Hossein Valamanesh, was as much about the shadow it cast, as the sculptural artwork itself. It formed a visually stunning centrepiece to the Exhibition. 

The colourful stencilling work on art room doors, by our Year 8 TLP class, was too good not to include in the Exhibition. Our students were delighted to see them on stage. One mother reported that her daughter came home and told her “You’ve got to see what they did. They took off the doors to the art room.”

The Opening Night, complete with music and exquisite food, added to this high-level experiential event.

Congratulations to our Visual Arts and Multimedia students on their creative endeavours.  Thank you to Mrs Louisa Cunningham, Mrs Rachel Villareal and Mr Neil Deuis for their invaluable work in the education of our students and in bringing this exhibition to fruition.