Exploring Their World

Our Infant students enjoyed an extended Book Week with Leila Rudge, award-winning author and illustrator, visiting our School in early September.

Leila is author and illustrator of two books, Ted, a dog who needs a friend and Gary, a racing pigeon who can’t fly. She has also illustrated more than ten books written by high profile authors like Libby Gleeson, Lisa Shanahan and Meg McKinley.

Leila shared with the children her experiences as both author and illustrator and her love for dogs and ducks. As a special treat, the children were able to view her sketchbooks and some of Leila’s own drawings from Kindergarten. Leila also read from her book, Ted before encouraging the children to try drawing their own dogs. Her visit was a joyful and inspiring experience for both children and staff. She advised the children that to be a good illustrator and writer one must practice a lot.

Sound advice indeed!