Discovery Day

After an early rise, Year 12 students travelled by bus to Wollongong University to experience the well-planned Discovery Day. This day gives students the opportunity to spend the day in the life of a university student.

When students registered in April, they chose lectures they wished to attend on the day, aligning with their career interests. Lecture timetables were collected on arrival at the Uni, prior to the first session in the Uni Hall.  This session is run by a current student of the Uni. It is a mix of amusement and information and sets a good tone for the day.

Students attended their first two lectures and then met for lunch, sitting with the resident ducks in the sun, enjoying the beautiful grounds the University has to offer.

Students have opportunities to ask questions of their lecturers, including options for entry pathways. This is always a successful and educational day.

Report: Mrs Megan Strolin, SGCS Careers Adviser