Discovering University

Year 12 students travelled to the University of Wollongong (UOW) to experience first-hand what a day at university is like. Bradie-Rae B. (Year 12) explains:

“A current UOW student guided us around the campus and helpfully highlighted key areas that we would return to later in the day. I found the first guest speaker very helpful as he explained what our final year of high school would look like, through using the metaphor of his favourite hobby, cycling. He described the HSC ‘as a bike ride with lots of hills, turns and obstacles where we would struggle, but he reminded us of the importance of continuing on and keeping our eye on the end goal’.

I was glad I registered beforehand, as I had first choice of the lectures. These lectures helped me to consider my options for studying post-HSC. I personally found the lectures to be very inspiring. I enjoyed hearing from people who loved what they do, and are considered experts in their field.

There was lots of detailed information about the entry requirements, the subjects we’d be studying in the course, work placement, and where our degree could take us. There was also information about the different pathways to take, if we didn’t obtain the required ATAR.

Lunchtime was a great opportunity to meet people, listen to music, dance together and try the many food services available on Campus.  

I came away from the day with a new mindset of the HSC, greater knowledge of future career paths, the HSC and university life”.