Digging Deep

Titrate: to ascertain the quantity of a given constituent present in (a solution) by accurately measuring the volume of liquid reagent of known strength until an end point is reached. Macquarie Dictionary

If you ever wanted to know whether lemons are more acidic than limes or if freshly squeezed orange juice contain more acid than reconstituted orange juice then a little time with our Year 12 Chemistry students may provide you with the answers to these important questions.

Year 12 Chemistry students recently completed a three-week block of lab work as part of a Depth Study investigating the concentration of solutions. Students conducted chemical analysis of common household substances, like soft drink, wine and juice, for its acidity or basicity.

The Depth Study required students to design and conduct a quantitative practical investigation about acids and bases. Developing a question about some aspect of acids and bases they then proposed a hypothesis, collected and processed data and presented their conclusions in a scientific report.

The Science Labs were very quiet as students worked intensely to prove their hypothesis. This type of learning is designed to provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests in chemistry, acquire a depth of understanding, and take responsibility for their own learning as outlined by NESA in the Chemistry Stage 6 Syllabus.