CSSA Secondary State Volleyball Gala Days

St George Christian School fielded two teams for the CSSA Secondary State Volleyball Gala Days on 16-17 June 2022 at the Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium, South Windsor.

Mr Reece Condon, SGCS Sports Coordinator reported:

The U15 Mixed Team coached by Mr Josh Kingston, SGCS Sports Administration Trainee, came 2nd overall which is a massive result and the Open Mixed Team came 3rd in their pool. They all demonstrated integrity and honourable sportsmanship in their pursuit of the process before the outcome of the day.

Our student reporters posted the following statements about the event:

CSSA U15 Volleyball Gala Day: U15 Mixed Volleyball Team

Our U15 Mixed Volleyball Team featured 10 students from Years 8, 9 and 10. They started the day very early, catching a 6:00am bus from School for the 67km journey to the Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium. They arrived bright and early and were the first team at the stadium.

The team performed incredibly well, winning all 5 matches in their pool, which advanced them straight to the final. Unfortunately, they lost the match to a very strong team from Mountain View Adventist College. Our students played with great sportsmanship and determination, with every player in the team contributing. Despite having a rough start in the finals, they persisted through and won points back. The day was a great opportunity to bond and strengthen relationships between peers. Everyone in the team should be proud of their achievement and are congratulated for their effort in bringing home a silver medal. Kurt Michael (Year 9)

CSSA U15 Volleyball Gala Day: Open Mixed Volleyball Team

On Friday, 17 June, morale was high as our Open Mixed Volleyball Team prepared for the day ahead. Our team exercised a strong team formation and we fought hard. Whilst we faced a few losses, our games were close, and we never gave the opponents an easy win. Throughout the day we kept high enthusiasm and stayed positive, creating a strong team dynamic and ending the day in a cheerful way.

Gerald Selvaraj  (Year 11)