Cross Country Returns

On the Tuesday 22 March 2022, St George Christian School held their annual Year 7-12 Cross Country Carnival. The Cross Country was the first carnival to go ahead this year, due to an easing of COVID-19 restrictions. It therefore generated a large amount of excitement and enthusiasm from the students and teachers. After days of muggy weather, the forecast held true and provided the opportunity for students to enjoy a sunny day at the park with the wider school community. It also offered the opportunity chance to participate in some healthy competition amongst the House Colour groups with House Green taking the honours.  

Throughout the day, the students were provided with a variety of complementary mini-games set-up by the PE and Sports Faculties. These included volleyball, touch football and soccer, which amplified the spirit and involvement from each cohort. Year 12 students also provided entertainment with their movie and television themed costumes. The Best Dressed Costume Award went to Johnson Chen for his Thomas the Tank Engine design.

There were some exceptional results from the student cohort, with a large number qualifying for the CSSA Cross Country Championships.  

Nicole Chemali (Year 12) said:

The 2022 Cross Country Carnival was a great success as it worked to bring the year groups together after a long and devastating pandemic. Whether students competed in the challenging Cross Country course or chose a relaxing non-competitive walk accompanied by friends, everyone enjoyed the freedom to be together.



12 Year Girls – Misa S. (Year 7)

13 Year Girls – Avalon R. (Year 7)

14 Year Girls – Claudia C. (Year 9)  

15 Year Girls – Keira N. (Year 9)

16 Year Girls – Sophie C. (Year 10) 

17 Year Girls – Amalie S. (Year 12) 

18 Year Girls – Nicole C. (Year 12)


12 Year Boys – Boaz F. (Year 7)

13 Year Boys – Noah P. (Year 7)

14 Year Boys – Lucas Z. (Year 8)  

15 Year Boys– Sebastian M. (Year 9)

16 Year Boys – Alexander P. (Year 10) 

17 Year Boys – Edan C. (Year 11) 

18 Year Boys – Max J. (Year 12)

Students who qualified for the CSSA Cross Country Championships:

12 Year Girls

Rhema A. (Year 7)

Maneesha B. (Year 7)

Victoria N. (Year 7)

Misa S. (Year 7)

13 Year Girls

Emily B. (Year 7)

Neave N. (Year 7)

Avalon R. (Year 7)

Danica Z. (Year 7)

14 Year Girls

Amber B. (Year 8)

Nara B. (Year 8)

Claudia C. (Year 9)

Audrey P. (Year 8)

15 Year Girls

Anna G. (Year 9)

Heidi J. (Year 9)

Keira N. (Year 9)

Bella R. (Year 9)

16 Year Girls

Charlotte A. (Year 10)

Sophie C. (Year 10) 

Tiffany K. (Year 10) 

Jana M. (Year 10)

Year 17 Girls

Savina B. (Year 11)

Eliza C. (Year 11)

Erica P. (Year 11)

Amalie S. (Year 12)

Year 18 Girls

Emma A. (Year 12)

Nicole C. (Year 12)

Odette H. (Year 12)

Jovey Lam (Year 12)

12 Year Boys

Boaz F. (Year 7)

Dion S. (Year 7)

Elvin Z. (Year 7)

Geoffrey Z.  (Year 7)

13 Year Boys

Lachlan B. (Year 7)

Dylan L. (Year 8)

Noah P. (Year 7)

Luka T. (Year 7)

14 Year Boys

Luke C. (Year 8)

George D. (Year 8)

Owen H. (Year 8)

Lucas Z. (Year 8)

15 Year Boys

Israel A. (Year 10)

Luke J. (Year 10)

Dominic L. (Year 9)

Sebastian M. (Year 9)

16 Year Boys

Jacob M. (Year 10)

Jax M. (Year 10)

Alexander P. (Year 10)

Daniel S. (Year 10)

17 Year Boys

Anthony B. (Year 11)

Edan C. (Year 11)

Maxwell L. (Year 11)

Gerald S. (Year 11)

18 Year Boys

Lucas D. (Year 11)

Max J.  (Year 12)

Aaron K. (Year 12)

Vincent W. (Year 12)