Critical Work

Year 7 recently visited Taronga Zoo as part of their studies on the topic “Classification.” Behind the scenes, under the instruction of a Zoo Educator students entered a simulated natural habitat called “Woodlands” at the Taronga Institute. Here students met with a range of animals and identified the structural features used to classify these animals. The students also learnt how critical this work is to helping scientists save animals in the wild, especially those under threat due to human impact.

Students later travelled in small groups around the zoo noting and identifying features and behaviours specific to different species of animals.

Field visits such as these ensure students learning in the classroom is integrated with social and global issues in the community. In this case it also challenges students with a godly perspective of what it means to be good stewards of all that God has created, as found in Genesis 1:26.

 Report: Mr Peter Wilson, SGCS Science Teacher