Counter Culture to Commodity

The changing uses of urban spaces and the evolution of graffiti has led to a growing public acceptance of street art.

What began as a subcultural movement amongst disenfranchised youth in Philadelphia in the 1960s, rapidly spread to New York and is now a global phenomenon.  

Students of our Year 8 Targeted Learning Program for Visual Arts recently explored the breeding ground of Sydney’s street art scene through a tour of the streets of Newtown with the company Culture Scouts. The tour provided a visual history of street art from its illegal origins to its celebrated commissioned status.

It was a fascinating two hours, offering insight into the types of street art, the methods used to create different pieces, the development of local government policies and how street art offers a medium to comment on societal issues.

The tour also covered the role of technology in fuelling the popularity of street art, changing what was once a subcultural art movement into a commodity.

What an exciting way to gain understanding of art.