Contemporary Viewing

Looking at visual art is integral to developing your own practice. It can create new insights leading you in a different direction.

Earlier this month, our Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Art students attended ArtExpress at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. As part of the AGNSW school education program, our students were able to hear from several 2019 Year 12 students. The students spoke about their personal experiences in creating their Body of Works and compiling their Visual Art Process Diary.

Mrs Louisa Cunningham, SGCS Visual Arts Teacher discussed the experience:

“This year’s ArtExpress was very interesting in that many of the works were photomedia. There was also a strong trend towards design work. It was evident that many of the works had intentionally moved away from traditional media of drawing and painting to create innovative works, ones that can be considered as thinking ‘outside the box.’

The excursion also included a viewing of the exhibition ‘NIRIN’, part of the 22nd Biennale of Sydney. We were very fortunate that it had just opened. The exhibition, curated by Brook Andrew, Indigenous Contemporary Artist, presented some highly controversial works from around the world, many of these challenging our perceptions of colonial history.

On the way home we stopped in to see the Jonathon Jones installation at Hyde Park Barracks, which draws upon the similarity between the emu print and the convict arrow. The audience is encouraged to walk amongst the white and red gravel where the two colours intermingle which causes the audience to consider how two cultures could blend together seamlessly.

This wonderful full day of contemporary art challenged our students to consider how they too might create meaningful art.”