Constituting Change

Each year, the Parliament of New South Wales presents a one-day Convention for Year 11 students to consider issues relating to the Australian Constitution. All secondary New South Wales Schools are invited to select a Year 11 student to represent their School at the Convention.

In 2019, Jemimah Wrench was selected to represent SGCS.  Below are her reflections on the day.

The NSW Constitutional Convention was a great opportunity to meet with students from all over NSW and discuss pertinent issues in regards to the constitution. We had a Constitutional Law Lecturer from Sydney University speak to us. As well as this, various members of the Legislative Assembly led peer discussion groups where we spent time discussing whether there should be other means apart from referendums to change the Australian Constitution.  We further looked at examples of ways in which constitutions can be amended in other countries, including Commonwealth/State Cooperation, Elected Conventions and Citizen Assemblies.