Competition Challenges Overcome

In 2021, the RoboCup Junior National Championships were held online, adding an entire new challenge for competitors.

SGCS entered two teams comprised of students from Year 7:

Tech Bros: Toby McFall and Landon Aitken-Ling

EMBA: Ethan Cheng, Micaiah Hu, Bain Changson and Andrew Dharma.

In the leadup to the competition, the team members met with Mrs Binns, ICT Integrator, via Zoom every Thursday and Friday during lunchtime. Both teams planned, designed, coded, and journaled throughout the process by using as many ICT capabilities or soft skills as possible. One member from each team was given a physical robot and courses. They then liaised with their team mates to action the plans and decisions.

Mrs Binns said,

I was honoured to be their mentor and watch these students work alongside each other and meet all the challenges that were placed before them, with resilience and a desire to be inclusive. During the competition, students were required to participate in a live interview and a number of live rounds where the robot had to complete courses as instructed. The teams also had to submit three pre-recorded rounds and a logbook that demonstrated their Design Thinking and coding skills as well as how they worked as a team.

Our teams performed exceptionally well considering all this was achieved from their individual homes and due to lockdown never met in person.

The Tech Bros finished 6th in the rankings nationally and EMBA finished 12th. This placed them easily in the top 50% nationally. It is worth noting that the SGCS teams, and one other school team, were the only ones who competed from an area in lockdown without any face-to-face training.

Congratulations to our robotics teams for their outstanding achievements!