Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The stories of author Roald Dahl are timeless, full of imagination they firmly place the child as hero and are a rich source of material for the screen or stage. 

Our Junior School students and Year 6 students are presently awash with Wonka fever after attending the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Capitol Theatre. What a treat it was! The production was full of dry humour, colourful characters, amazing sets and a touch of whimsy. The characters of the golden ticket winners were updated a little to parody modern life including children glued to their screens, fixated on themselves or fame or food. The audience loved watching how each ghastly child got their comeuppance.

The question on everyone’s lips, especially those who are familiar with the two screen adaptions, was what would the Oompa Loompas be like? Well, when they appeared on stage, as a mixture of puppetry and persons, it was mesmerising.

However, the goodness of Grandpa Joe, Charlie and Wonka himself imbued the true charm and magic of Roald Dahl – the power to dream, never grows old.