Bullying – No Way!

On Friday 19 March 2021, Middle and Senior School students participated in The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Our Senior School Prefects who are responsible for the Community Portfolio organised a series of events to raise awareness of this issue.

Our students wore Mufti and donated a gold coin to raise money for BATYR, a youth mental health support organisation.

During lunchtime the checkerboard courtyard and basketball court were full of activities where students had the opportunity to show their support by contributing a hand print and message to a communal banner, raise funds in a lollypop guessing competition, or try their hand at a basketball challenge. Middle School students worked collaboratively on a communal, pavement chalk drawing.

SGCS Alumni Ms Alex McWhirter, who is with the organisation Headspace, shared with students how and where to seek help for bullying and mental health issues.  

The atmosphere was a joyous one, with students enjoying the beautiful music and each other’s company as they pondered the deeper issues of the day.

Mr Garlato, Director of Wellbeing with SGCS Community Prefects, Ms McWhirter, Headspace and Ms Wrench, SGCS MS Teacher.
Enjoying live outdoor music again.