Building Bonds Through Teamwork

Recent rains couldn’t dampen our students’ enthusiasm for a day of outdoor learning and team-building. Leeches, muddy tracks and slippery paths were embraced as just another challenge to overcome.

Our team-building day at Stanwell Tops is designed to foster a sense of belonging and support and encourage students to get to know one another in a relaxed setting. It helps to create a smooth transition into Year 7.

Students experimented with problem solving games, high adrenaline sports and trust activities. Enthusiasm, teamwork and courage were evident as students took on survivor type challenges, the Leap of Faith and the Giant Swing.

Mrs Amy Peglar, Year 7 Home Room Teacher said:

Our students were up to the task of taking on any extreme challenge encountered. They took the conditions in their stride, gaining immense satisfaction in overcoming all obstacles. It was also lovely to see them enjoy their time together and build friendships.