Boot Camp

Free exercise and fellowship are part of a new initiative bringing boot camp to our staff and students at SGCS.

The initiative led by SGCS Sports Teacher, Miss Jill Dudley, offers a free before-school, extra-curricular sporting activity for people to boost their fitness in a safe and friendly environment. The Boot Camp is open to students in Years 6 to Years 12 and all SGCS staff and offers a combination of circuit and strength training.

Miss Dudley explains the rationale behind the initiative:

I am passionate about fitness and health and wanted to share my passion with the SGCS community. I usually go to the gym in the morning and thought it would be just as easy to do my workouts at School, with the kids! Research shows that exercise enhances daily productivity, and anecdotally we are definitely seeing results. Besides, training together offers an opportunity to build fellowship between the year groups. We aim to cater for all fitness levels so people of any ability are welcome to join us on a Tuesday. 

Boot Camp runs every Tuesday from 7.00am to 8.15am. Please meet outside the SGCS Hall. All participants must sign a Boot Camp note prior to participation. A water bottle, hat and appropriate supportive sports shoes are recommended plus any asthma medication if required. Notes are available from Miss Dudley (Staffroom 2).