Book Character Day

Our annual Infants Book Parade took on a slightly different format this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Whilst the children still came dressed as their favourite book character, they danced and skipped their way around the playground to an audience comprising of their peers and SGCS staff instead of parents and special friends.

The upside was that the celebrations were extended to a full day, so there was plenty of time for photographs, storytelling, games, food, activities and admiring each other’s costumes.

A read-a-thon took place in the afternoon, where students were treated to several dramatic renditions of award-winning books by SGCS teachers across the grades. The students were delighted when our Principal, Mr Honor, surprised them with a visit clutching plants from his very own garden and a possum (a toy-one of course).

The costumes, as always, were amazingly creative and so very colourful.  It was a wonderful, joyful celebration of books and storytelling.

Our thanks to our amazing Infants Staff who adapted to the present situation to create a truly memorable day.  Thank you also to our SGCS parents who, resourceful as ever, created the amazing costumes.

Mr Honor, Principal and Infants Storytellers for Book Character Day