Art with a Message

Street art and skateboard culture have become inseparable, so it was only natural for students of our Year 8 Targeted Learning Program for Visual Arts to combine the two.

Street Art creations are usually in the public domain with a focus on presenting a political, social, or environmental message.

During the Term, our students explored the Street Art movement and choose an issue they were passionate about. They created a design to reflect their stance on the issue and worked it into a blank skateboard deck using pen, ink and paint.

Mrs Villareal, SGCS Art Teacher said:

The students were very excited about the opportunity to present a message in a unique way. Some of the designs were very intricate and covered issues like racism, the environment, beauty myths and conservation.

Whilst some of our students are not skateboarders, they have been encouraged to use the finished deck in other ways like as an art piece, seat, bench, shelf or table.