An Olympic Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, our Infants students have been busy creating cards, gifts and other keepsakes for their dads, which teachers prepared in advance and placed in each student’s learning pack.

Dads are encouraged to participate in Father’s Day by taking on the Infants Dads Olympic Challenge where they must complete and submit a video of their chosen activity.

The Infants Dads Olympic Challenge categories include:

Weightlifting Challenge – dads must lift their child using 2 hands either in a standing position or lying on their back. See how many reps you can do in 1 minute!

Badminton Challenge – dads and children need to hit a balloon to one another whilst standing 2 metres apart without letting the balloon hit the ground. See how many hits you can do in 1 minute!

Gymnastics Challenge – dads are to lie on their back and balance their child using their hands and feet while holding their child’s hands and feet. See if you can balance for 1 minute!

Basketball Challenge – dads are to stand 3 metres from their child and throw a ball into a basket or bucket held by their child. See if you can get 5 tennis balls in a row in the bucket in under a minute!

Synchronised Swimming Challenge – dads can create a synchronised set of moves to perform with their child to music of their choice. See if you can incorporate some swimming moves and stay perfectly synchronised for 1 minute!

Whilst participation is optional, several outstanding entries have already been submitted. Winners will be announced on Monday 6 September.

Our best wishes to all our Athletes.