Alumni Give History Lesson

History is such a rich and fascinating subject though often the true beauty of it is only discovered through discussion.  This has been a challenge in lockdown for our solo Year 12 History Extension student.

This week we arranged for the History Extension class from 2020, which was blessed to have 7 students in it, to meet, via the wonder of Zoom, with the class of 2021.  Over the course of a couple of hours the students were able to chat about their experiences of the subject. 

We also had a tutorial on Winston Churchill, which is the Case Study for the subject, where the 2020 students were able to impart their wisdom about the historians and content of this topic.  This was followed by a session of giving advice about how to approach the exam for History Extension and how best to prepare for it.

As a teacher, it was such a beautiful example of the community that exists at SGCS – that our Alumni History Extension students of 2020 were so willing to give their time to encourage this student as she faces the challenge of undertaking her HSC in lockdown.

Report by Mrs Jenn Howse – SGCS HSIE Teacher