Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Year 3 celebrated the end of their History unit on The Age of Exploration with an immersive Endeavour Day learning experience.

The day featured a range of activities, games and even Hokey-Pokey ice-cream as the students retraced Captain Cook’s voyage to Australia and New Zealand on the HMS Endeavour during 1768 to 1771.

The students were assigned a name and role from the actual Endeavour crew. They mapped out the dimensions of the Endeavour on the playground, took a virtual tour of the ship and voyage via the Maritime Museums’ website, created their own paper hats and worked in teams to design and test their own paper boats.

When they “arrived” in New Zealand they were treated to Hokey-Pokey ice-cream, a little licence on the actual event.

Endeavour Day was organised by Mrs Athas and Miss Gordon with the assistance of Mrs Mellor and Lieutenant Finch.