A Step Back in Time

Our Year 12 Class of 2020 took a step back in time last week when they returned to Junior School to open their Year 4 class time capsules.  

Back in 2012, the students undertook a unit of study on Ancient Egypt led by their teacher, Mr Archer. As part of their studies on preserved histories, they decided to preserve their own cache of goods in a shoebox to be opened in 2020.

As Mr Archer handed out the shoebox of precious items, there were whoops of joy and laughter as the students rediscovered their “treasures”. Photographs, letters, art, newspaper clippings, a complete set of Pokemon cards and even a Coco-Cola yo-yo were just some of the items that had been stored away.

It was a lovely occasion of shared and personal memories. A reminder of how feelings towards treasures may change but the sentiment is never lost.