A Place to Call Home

Year Two recently travelled to Taronga Zoo as part of their HSIE unit on Animal Places: A Home for Animals. They have been studying how animals are able to survive in deserts, polar regions, grasslands and rainforests. Throughout the day, students observed various animal homes and enclosures, and discussed how they met an animal’s needs (ie. size, water, food, somewhere to sleep, materials provided e.g. ropes, sand).

Students also learnt about endangered animals like Corroboree Frogs and Red Pandas and how the Zoo is working to ensure their survival.

Students particularly enjoyed a talk about elephants and the opportunity to see a baby elephant swim. Another highlight was experiencing the thrill of sitting in the ‘Splash Zone’ during the seal show.

Back at School, students have written interesting recounts about their time at the zoo, created artworks and later in the term will design and make an animal home for a new Zoo animal.