A Night of Madness

“Though there be madness, yet there is method in’t”

Polonius, Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2, Shakespeare

On Thursday night, our cool drama rooms were opened to our community for a taste of Shakespeare. A welcome reprieve from smoke-filled skies.  Guests enjoyed a selection of light refreshments from Cafe12, before our Year 10 Drama students, led by SGCS Drama Teacher Mrs Karen Vasilev, presented a version of Hamlet.  

 The play, 15 minute Hamlet, is a comedic abridgement of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Written by Tom Stoppard and first performed in 1976, the play presents the most famous and best-loved lines from Hamlet.

Our students pulled of the miraculous performance with enthusiasm, wit, some very accomplished acting and very few props.  It was very impressive to see twelve students recreate the scene, with only their bodies, of Hamlet crossing the seas on a ship bound for England.

 The staging of 15 minute Hamlet was followed by an encore, comprising of a 2 minute version of the play. Our talented students presented the encore with even more vigour than before. Hectic action and characters dropping to the floor as they died in rapid succession occurred amidst gales of laughter and applause from the appreciative audience.

 It was exciting to experience what these young students are capable of at the beginning of their creative studies. We look forward to seeing them on stage in the future.

Year 10 Drama Students with Mrs Vasilev